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Create your Dream Firm: Let’s Rock the 2H of 2024

As we stand at the midpoint of 2024 (how did that happen?!), now is the perfect time for reflection and planning.

The ADVOS team and our law firm owner clients ask ourselves these questions as we continuously work together to build dream firms: 

  • Reflection:
    • Review our calendars (and our photos) to find the standout achievements in the first half of the year.
    • Identify the clients who and/or work that ignited our passion and gave us a sense of fulfillment.
    • Celebrate the pivotal milestones that propelled our firm forward.
    • Hunt for recurring themes in our work that inspire and energize us.
    • Who on the team has exceeded our expectations? How? Do they know?
    • How close did we come to the financial goals or other metrics? Were there any lesson-learning obstacles that we need to consider as we look into the second half of the year?

  • Planning:
    • Evaluate progress towards the goals we committed to in Q1 or Q2; what strategies have proven effective? What hurdles have we faced, and what valuable insights have they provided?
    • Looking back to the plan created in Q1, what is working and needs to be amplified and what isn’t working and needs adjustment?
    • How can we do more of the work that lights us up and overcome obstacles that have kept us from achieving?

Here is what we know (and is supported by research), if we are building something worthwhile we aim high and will not hit 100%.

“If you are hitting the target every time, you are standing too close.”

And the corollary: “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

For everyone, especially my law firm owner friends, what lessons have you learned as you charted new territory and what are the big goals to set / reset for the rest of 2024? If you don’t have a community or person to hold you accountable (which can be true for a lot of law firm owners), write it out and capture the lessons, so you don’t have to repeat them.

We know that for lawyers sharing anything other than knock-it-out-the-park wins does not come naturally, but the evidence shows you are 95% more likely to achieve your goals if you share them and have regular meetings as a reminder.

If you want to find other law firm owners who are committed to dream firm creation – please accept this as your invitation to join our free community

To your #promance,