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Meet the Team

Growth is our game. Lawyers by profession, we realized there’s an enormous gap that exists between traditional practice management and modern solutions for professionals.

We set out to fix that for ourselves and our clients, and ended up creating a new way to practice, powered by innovative methods and tools that allows professionals to design the practice they love.

Gwen Griggs


Gwen Griggs, co-founder of ADVOS legal and ADVOS Pro, has a background in Big Law and C-suite roles. In ADVOS legal, she and her partner built a new model, that – instead of hours – measures what matters to the client, team, and owner. (Click here for more about Gwen’s legal experience.) With ADVOS Pro’s training and systems, they help other firms break up with the outdated billable hour model and begin measuring their worth in expertise and results.

Gwen’s superpowers are big-picture vision and client experience. At ADVOS Pro, she is leveraging her powers to transform the legal industry, so it delivers an incredible, fulfilling experience for lawyers and their clients.

Whitney Harper


Whitney Harper, co-founder of ADVOS legal and ADVOS Pro, is a seasoned legal and business professional known for delivering high-value service to her clients through her unique understanding of the intersection of law, operations, sales and strategy. (Want to know more about Whitney’s legal experience? Click here.) Based on their experience breaking up with hourly billing and building a law practice they love at ADVOS legal, the ADVOS Pro team is thrilled to help other lawyers and firms do the same.

Whitney’s superpower is simplifying and solving complex problems together with her clients and team – and she is thrilled to use those powers for good through ADVOS Pro, helping lawyers build the practice they love with proven, straightforward methods and a collaborative approach.


Sarah Stroscio

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah Stroscio, Chief Operating Officer of ADVOS Pro, thrives in roles that demand leadership, strategic vision, and tangible results. Before joining ADVOS Pro, Sarah spent over a decade in various leadership roles driving change and shaping business operations using Lean Six Sigma principles to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry. Sarah has developed programs, created custom and long-term solutions for clients, and delivers excellence due to her ability to adapt to the continuously evolving needs of business. Sarah knows how important it is to love your work – and joined ADVOS Pro in 2021 to help lawyers shift their focus from billable hours to building the firm of their dreams.

Sarah’s superpower is execution with aplomb. You won’t find anyone better at making sure we can deliver what we commit to, and then hit our marks, regardless of the million competing priorities. As a client of ADVOS Pro, you’ll be thrilled to have Sarah in your corner.